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Object Storage Devices are a new type of SCSI storage devices providing a richer command set improving storage manageability and security.

The OSD Standard was initially developed by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and was ratified in July 2004 by incits Technical Committee T10. A new version of the OSD standard, OSD-2, has been developed based on experience gathered from commercial implementations and prototypes.

open-osd development

Our goal is to provide a production quality open-source implementation of the OSD standard.

News: As of Linux release 2.6.30, Linux has full support for the open-osd initiator and the exofs filesystem.

Projects on

The latest open-osd source files and Linux development kernel is maintained on our git trees.

Also available are: pNFS over OSD layout driver in collaboration with CITI at the University of Michigan. Will also be using open-osd initiator.

And several historical, unmaintained, open-source/gratis prototype implementations for reference.

Mailing list

If you are working on an osd related project or just have a comment or a question to ask please sign up to the osd-dev mailing list and drop us a note. We would like to know about it and we would like to help in any way we can.


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